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BTR-500 Hollis Drysuit

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The new BTR-500 drysuit uses our latest Butyl Trilaminate Ripstop material to produce a lightweight but very durable suit. Everything from the material to the taping has been fine-tuned and optimized to make the BTR-500 an absolute pleasure to dive in, whether you are at 30ft/10m or 330ft/100m.

The BTR-500 uses our specially developed 600g/sqm Butyl Trilaminate Ripstop material which incorporates a 140g/sqm High Decitex Nylon 6.6 Ripstop external lining for optimum tear, puncture and abrasion resistance that has the benefit of a easy clean and wash down finish. The internal lining is made from a patented coated that maximizes water integrity and seam tape adhesion as well as making the suit easy to get in and out of. The internal coating also make suit repairs exceptionally easy.

As with all our suits each panel that makes up the BTR-500 is cut on the bias of the material to increase the stretch and flexibility of the material by up to 15%. This, combined with clever panel designs makes this front entry suit especially easy to get on without the need to struggle to get the neck seal over the head. A composite zip maintains flexibility in the torso and is protected by a Velcro secured flap.


From Scuba Diving's ScubaLab Review - 

The BTR-500 is a nice drysuit to look at, but it isn't just for show — this Hollis suit is durable, flexible and a dream to get on and off. The Hollis BTR-500 was our Best Buy.

The classy color combo of the BTR-500 sets off the finish of the butyl trilaminate material nicely. However, it isn’t all show and no performance — the material incorporates an abrasion-resistant, nylon rip-stop external lining for added durability. The internal lining of this drysuit has a patented coating, which maximizes water integrity and seam-tape adhesion, but it also makes the BTR-500 a dream to get on and off . And because all the panels are cut on the bias of the material, you get increased stretch and flexibility. It is equipped with neoprene booties ( rubber boots are an option), latex neck and wrist seals, protective kneepads, internal braces, and expandable pockets with internal D-ring, Velcro flaps, and drainage holes. Though the suit has a diagonal front entry with a flexible composite zipper, it’s critical that you get the right size because the BTR-500 doesn’t have a telescopic torso.

h plush brushed polyester fleece and spandex for the utmost comfort, AUG260 traps air within the plush fiber. It maintaining a protective warm air layer between the diver and the outside environment. AUG260 has super stretch which allows 4-way flexibility while still retaining its original warmth and strength. AUG260 comes in a range of unisex sizes, and is sold as a separate top and bottom, allowing mix and match of sizes if required.

This is a special order item. Upon placing the order one of OTA's sizing experts will contact you to get your measurements and help finalize the order. 

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